. r e c o m e n d a t i o n .

Minimum Requirements
+ 800 MHz PC
+ 5 MB of extra space
+ 256 MB RAM
+ Windows 98SE
+ MS Scripting Engine
Recommended Setup
+ 1 GHz PC
+ 5 MB of extra space
+ 512 MB RAM
+ Windows XP SP2 (MS Scripting Engine is already included)
Recommended Pro Hardware
Hardware Brand Price (USD)
Datalogging: Moates.net Hondalog $30
Real-Time Programming: Moates.net Ostrich $175
Wide-Band Oxygen Sensor: Innovate LC-1 $199
along with Crome Pro license $149
Total $558
Why should I go Pro?
How does Crome compare to other systems?
Where can I get Crome?