Plugins are software enhancements separate from the Crome main application. They allow features to be added to Crome without having to wait for a full update. Because of this concept, development of different features can be made by anyone with the right knowledge. This is a key part in the development of Crome as a full-featured system because the contributions of many third party developers. Crome comes with built-in plugins however this documentation does not cover any plugins. Please refer to the plugin or it's developer for help and documentation.

Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager is a utility to keep track of plugins added into Crome. It allows for an easy way to install new plugins or remove old ones.

The Plugin List displays all plugins loaded into Crome. You can move their position within the list by selecting the plugin and clicking on the Up or Dn button.

To delete a plugin from the list, simply select the plugin and click Delete.

The Delete Invalid Paths button checks each listed plugin and ensures the existence of a file. If the file does not exist, it is deleted from the list.

To install a plugin, simply click Install New Plugin and choose the plugin file to be installed.

When everything is set, click on OK to accept changes or Cancel to discard any changes. Clicking OK will also reload all plugins.