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Reasons to Go Pro
Going Crome Pro is an investment that must be given some thought. One should ask the questions "Do I need the extra features?", "Do I understand the concept of tuning?", and "Can I tune a car myself?" If your answer to these questions are a unanimous "YES," then you have to consider the question "Have I looked into all the other alternatives?" Only when you have made the decision that Crome Pro is right for you that you should go Pro.
The Alternatives <!> Most Importantly <!>
It is important to note that with any of these systems it is necessary to get a Wide-Band Oxygen sensor in order to properly tune an engine. A laptop might also be required on some of these systems.
How does Crome compare to other systems?
What are the minimum requirements to run Crome?
I'm convinced. Let me get it!
I got Crome already. How do I go pro?